PGA and William and Mary

I was fortunate to have lived near a beach when I was young and as soon as I could walk was hitting sand shots in the ocean. Even at that young age, everyone said, he’s going to be professional one day. They were right. I loved the sport from early on and played professional golf for nearly 8 years – traveling across the country working hard and determined to get to the PGA Tour. This sport, however, is not forgiving to one’s body – even at a young age. At the age of 25, I suffered a major injury – well, a culmination of injuries finally broke me. For the longest time I would get a shooting pain from my toes to my shoulder. It came and went like a flash so I delt with it. Doctors were puzzled. Finally, the multiple fractures revealed themselves together with a torn labrum, hip flexor and impingements. Surgery, 18 months of rehab, and learning to walk again, I had a new appreciation and respect for my body. There are so many things that I have with me today from my PGA tour journey: independence/solitude, tenacity, people skills, navigating details, setting goals, dealing with setbacks. It was hard, but so worth it. Earning my PGA membership was also important to me. I remain a member, just in a different capacity now. I keep it as the volunteer assistant coach for the William and Mary women’s golf team. It is an incredible way to give back to the game I love, as well as help these young women navigate life and golf. Hard to believe this will be my 8th year with the team!